New Year, New Site!


Happy New Year!

With the new year comes a new site and a new blog! Ok, so the timing happened to work out this way - but the truth is I’ve been working on the new site for the past few months now. With client projects, passion projects, a new job and moving to a new state, life got a tad bit busy. But I’m a big believer in things happening when the time is right and it just so happened the website launch fittingly lined up with the beginning of a fresh new year.

I really do see this past and coming year as a new chapter in my personal life and in my business/career. I’ve grown and have gained much clarity on what matters most to me as well as the goals I find most important. With that being said, I hope with this new rendition of the blog to share branding advice, new work, career philosophies, my own as well as guests’ tidbits on how to live a more “quaint” life - and of course general design findings and inspirations. But before we get started on all of that, I thought it would be appropriate to share a small bit about myself and my background.

My name is Leah and I’m a designer/illustrator who currently resides in Austin, TX with my partner in crime, Frank, and my real life muppet, Linus (dog). I have worked as an art director for the past 6 years for a design agencies, while also having QuaintInc on the side where I do branding and illustration. I’ve always loved balancing both my day job, where I work with big national brands, and my side business where I get to take my experience and expertise and work with smaller businesses and fellow female entrepreneurs who are looking for a certain aesthetic as well as doing various illustration assignments.

All in all, it’s very rewarding and fun getting to exercise all my creative passions, but time will tell how my career/business will continue to unfold. I love working with a few select clients every month with QuaintInc and so far I am going to continue that path.

Putting aside the “career” stuff, in my free time I do try to make the most of it and enjoy going outside and reconnecting with nature and the world around me. Being a designer during my day (and night) it’s very easy to realize you’ve been looking at the screen nonstop for hours so getting outside or even just getting some non-computer time has become a necessity - even if sometimes I don’t feel like parting from my beloved electronic companion. I also enjoy dining at different restaurants here in Austin and sipping an occasional gin concoction (“bees knees” is the bees knees), traveling to historic places, reading, self-growth and spending quality time with friends and family. Lastly, I really love being inspired by other people’s stories, wisdom and passions as well as inspiring others in anyway if I can.

I believe life is a wonderful journey and there is so much beauty around us if we choose to see it. I think creativity plays a major role in life’s beauty, therefore I’m so thankful to be able to contribute in some way in my day to day life.

Overall, I’m curious and happy to see what the new year brings and I’m even more excited to have a new online home where I can be more open, share, help or inspire.



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Hello and welcome! QuaintLife is a design blog that celebrates all things that contribute to living a "Quaint Life". Postings particularly pay tribute to living simply, anything vintage, slightly offbeat, or understated beauty. Topics include art, spaces, music, yummies and all that may that contributes to the beauty of life. To view my professional work visit

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